Come Celebrate With Us

Celebration Services at 9a & 11a 

*Beginning August 31 our new Service Time is 10a*

Childcare provided at both services and youth programming at 11a

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New to Bodhi?


We have two incredible Sunday Celebration Services and a Welcome Team that is here just for YOU! Visit the Welcome Team in the Fellowship Hall after Service to answer any of your questions. *Beginning August 31 we'll be moving to one service at 10a* Learn more


Transformational classes and workshops that inspire spiritual growth - designed to empower you to create change, fulfill your life's purpose, and reveal the glory of God within you. Learn more

Midweek Services
Hendricks Seminar
Chicago Marathon

 Who We Are

We are a spiritual community that reveals the love, power, and presence of God - the One, Brilliant, Perfect Life within all. It is our daily practice to Reveal Love, Honor All Paths, and Celebrate Life.

Our aim is to support you in living your most magnificent life. We do this by teaching spiritual principles, tools and practices in a contemporary way, making them easy to access and apply while building a community dedicated to love, acceptance and transformation in the world. We recognize you as whole, perfect and complete.

Bodhi Purpose Statement:

As a spiritual community, we are dedicated to creating an environment where we recognize, honor and celebrate God, the Love intelligence within all life. We awaken through prayer, meditation, study and revelation to our spiritual Truth; that we are one with God. We embody this not only as a theory but as a way of being in our everyday lives. Through New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings, and a complete dependence on unconditional Love as the guiding power, our aim is nothing short of the joy, abundance and freedom that is the Truth of our very being.

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